GORILA SENTADO is proud to announce that TALES FROM AFAR AUGUST 2021 is coming very soon!





Finally the day is upon us were we can show a lit bit of what you can find in the future second issue of TFA #2.
This magazine is very special for everyone at GORILA SENTADO and we can’t wait for AUGUST 25 were all of you will have the opportunity to open, read the stories and see all the changes we worked on.  So, lets talk a bit of what is coming on this brand number.

This issue and all future TFA ones will have more than 80 pages. This growth on pages, that comes natural to us at GORILA, means that all stories of the first issue will now feature more pages so they can grow and breathe more easily and, best of it all, this opens the door to showcase two more stories and artists. This is an important step for the magazine, because the goal of the publication was always to showcase more and more artists. The world of comics is always growing and changing and we want to show you all stories and artists that need to be read and known.


Just take a look of what is coming on this second issue:



Looks great doesn’t it? In future posts we will try to know a lit bit of all the artists, including the fresh ones and their stories in TFA. (And of course, we will show you some full pages.)


Stay Tuned.


Title: TALES FROM AFAR (August 2021)
Number of pages: 80+, full color
Authors: Ricardo Baptista, Daniel da Silva Lopes, Carmem Gimeno, Perplexed Sea, Ramón Perales Cano, Dean Kerrigan, Goran Gligovíc and Brendan Albetski.
Lettering by: Tiago Rodrigues
Edited by: Francisco Ferreira
Price (digital version): 2.99€

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