Issue #2 – August 2021

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Published in: August 2021 - Digital Format

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These tales we bring to thee….

TALES FROM AFAR is a special kind of anthology, bringing together authors and artists from around the world in an original format — each story will continue and unfold in future TALES FROM AFAR issues.


Featuring stories such as:

EMBER part one by Goran Gligovíc
MARU KIRU DEMON OF THE PIT part one by Brendan Albetski
HYPONOTOPIA part two by Ricardo Baptista
GROTESQUE JARCHA FOR LA MANCHA part two by Ramón Perales Cano
POLYDIPSIA part two by Daniel da Silva Lopes
MY FIRST SUNSET part two by Perplexed Sea
CLOVEN HEARTH part two by Dean Kerrigan


Title: TALES FROM AFAR (March 2021 issue)
Number of pages: 80+, full color
Format: Digital format – PDF.
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